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LUX Bath Salts

LUX Bath Salts

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LUX Bath Salts

For All Skin Types

Enjoy a luxurious blend of the world’s finest bath salts. With the purest of salt blends designed to help you relax in a soak filled bath anytime you need it, our salts will feel like a Day Spa in your own home. 

From our 100% pure Dead Sea salt harvested directly from the Southern Dead Sea in Israel where the mineral content is highest, to our Pink Himalayan Salt harvested directly from the Himalayan Mountains and packed with some of the highest mineral content in all salts, our trio sample set delivers superior quality in each jar.

Our luxurious blend allows you to nourish your skin in minerals of iron, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. 

Star Ingredients are:

Dead Sea Salt - from the Dead Sea in Israel.

Pink Himalayan Salt - from the Himalayan Mountains.

Epsom Salt - therapeutic grade salt.


Nourishes the skin with minerals, amino acids and protein.

• Relaxing and therapeutic for muscles.

• Helps to soften the skin while delivering potent minerals to the skin.

• Excellent for dry dehydrated, sensitive and sunburned skin.


  1. Skin Application  - Add desired amount to your bath under running water and spread throughout the water with your fingers. Best to add right before you are in the bath.



A bath can be taken at anytime necessary. We recommend using our SunLux bath salts 1-2 x per week. 


Here is our breakdown of a “Basic Skincare Routine”. The order being:

(4)Facial Oils
(5)Moisturizers / Eye Creams (Optional)


 7 fl oz / 200g


 Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate