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3 Tips For Protecting your Skin During The Spring Months

3 Tips For Protecting your Skin During The Spring Months


The spring equinox ushers in longer days until we reach the summer solstice, our longest day of the year. With more and more sunshine coming our way, it’s time to start thinking about combatting sun damage during the spring months.

The best way to beat sun damage is to hide your skin from the sun. We offer three methods to combat the damaging rays of the sun during this spring season. What if you want to be outside on a warm spring day, or on an island for spring break, you may be asking. That’s easy! We’ve got you covered – literally!

3 Tips you need to know: 

  1. Shady Spot: Whether you sit down to lunch under an umbrella or enjoy a picnic under a big, leafy tree, seeking shade is a great way to avoid the sun’s damaging rays. Soak up the sun in the early morning or late afternoon hours to minimize exposure.

Pro Tip: The peak hours when you’ll most want to find shade are 10 a.m.-4 p.m. You can see on this UV density image that the red color represents the hottest times of the day, with the highest UV rays. During these hours you want to really seek shade and protection. 

  1. Cover Up: Whether you’re enjoying a spring break vacation or the outdoors during sunny spring-like weather, a great way to protect your skin is to wear clothing with a UPF rating. Long sleeve shirts and pants provide protection, allowing you to work in the garden or prepare your deck for the summer without risking your skin. When you can’t avoid the sun altogether, wearing protective clothing is the next best approach. Remember to wear your hat and sunglasses – even when sitting in the shade.

Pro Tip: Wear UPF clothing that protects your skin the same way that an SPF sunscreen protects your skin.


  1. Slather It On: Speaking of sunscreen, be sure to use a “broad spectrum” product. That means it protects your skin against both UVA and UVB rays. The broad spectrum coupled with a high SPF fortifies your precious skin against the sun’s rays.

 Pro Tip: Protect your face year-round with a  daily moisturizer + SPF broad spectrum. While we look forward to the spring season, UV rays visit us every season.  

And if you’re using last year’s sunscreen, check the expiration date. Sunscreen is only meant to last two to three years.

And we mean it when we say to slather it on. A palmful of sunscreen equaling roughly an ounce should cover your arms and legs, neck and face; remember to apply sunscreen to your ears, hands, and feet, as well as to the underside of your arms. Reapply every two hours and more often when swimming or sweating. 

Make It a Habit

The spring months are a good reminder to focus on skin protection. While you are bundled up during the colder months, your face is still exposed to the sun’s rays. Make it a habit to apply an SPF broad spectrum moisturizer every day, no matter the season.

You can never be too careful. While we cannot live without the sun, we can overdo it with sun exposure. Wear your daily moisturizing sunscreen, seek shade, and keep your skin covered for a safe relationship with the sun.

Take it from me, a Skin Cancer Patient now for life, make sunscreen your favorite product and put it on daily!

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Robin Wayman

Founder/Cosmetic Formulator

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