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5 Foods To Eat For Ultimate Hydration

5 Foods To Eat For Ultimate Hydration

As temperatures increase from Coast to Coast, it’s very easy for our bodies to get dehydrated and lose water. That’s why it’s extremely important to drink lots of water, as well as eat certain foods that can help to keep us hydrated. After all, dehydration can lead to severe issues like fatigue, muscle cramps, headaches and even fainting. Keeping our bodies hydrated can help us to avoid any of these problems that can occur when we are dehydrated. 

These are the five foods that made the top of our list, and we want to share them with you today! 

Cucumber #1

Cucumbers made it to #1 on our list due to their high water content level of 96%. Having one of the highest levels of water content in any food you can eat, cucumbers not only offer hydration but they offer health and skin benefits as well.

Eating cucumbers daily can help your body access fiber, magnesium, potassium, vitamin K and Vitamin A. Adding to that, the fact that you can eat them raw or prepared within certain foods brings a lot of versatility. 

Watermelons #2

Watermelons are by far some of the best fruits to eat if you want to stay hydrated. Not only are they delicious, their water content is around 92%, making them one of the top foods you can eat to stay hydrated. Aside from that, it’s a food very low on calories, which is great.

Watermelons contain not only Vitamins A and C, but also magnesium and other nutrients. You can slice it up, cut it in cubes, or even blend it in a smoothie. There are many ways to enjoy the wonderful taste of a watermelon.

All in all, watermelons provide a great way for you to stay hydrated and eat a great, tasty food. 

Strawberries #3

Just like cucumbers and watermelons, strawberries have over 90% water content. Aside from that, they also have tons of antioxidants, not to mention manganese, folate, vitamin C and many others. It’s a good idea to eat them often to hydrate your body.

Peaches #4

Peaches are also very high in their water content, around 89% on average. As an added bonus they are also great for protecting your skin, due to their high content of Vitamin C and Vitamin A.

As a whole, it’s a great idea to eat peaches, especially if you want to hydrate yourself, but also acquire minerals like potassium, vitamins B, C and A. Since they are low in calories, they are one of the best foods to check out!

Oranges #5

With an 88% water content, oranges are also great if you want hydrating foods in your diet. As we know, they are a great source of vitamin C, and potassium. So aside from hydrating yourself, you are also improving your immunity, heart health, as well as promoting a sense of fulness. If you want great hydration and a way to eat less, oranges can be the answer to that.


When it comes to staying hydrated, or beating a heat wave, all 5 of these foods should be on your weekly grocery list. Hydration is a challenge for many of us, especially during the summer. But you don’t have to solely drink water to solve that issue. Eating these foods can also be a great way to acquire water and hydrate your body. It helps immensely, and it will provide a great way to avoid any dehydration issues!

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Robin Wayman

Founder/Cosmetic Formulator

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