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The Good & Bad of Pico Laser Treatment

The Good & Bad of Pico Laser Treatment


Pico Laser SunLux Skincare  


The first time I ever heard of the Pico Laser, was from my Dermatologist. I asked her if it was possible to remove these dark spots on my lower cheek that I have had for so many years. I actually don’t remember not having them. I told her I had never heard of it, and she shared with me how wonderful this laser is. 

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the downside of this laser, later in this post. 

She explained the Top 3 Benefits of the Pico Laser, and how it is very different from other lasers because;

  • It is a non-invasive laser 
  • It uses ultra-short wavelengths that are extremely precise
  • It does NOT use heat 

Pico Laser is known in the aesthetics world for helping to remove sun spots, sun damage and even freckles. 

But wait, the best part about this laser is that it does not hurt! Now, if you follow me and my YouTube channel, you know that I have done a handful of laser treatments, and most of them are so painful that I have to prepare myself mentally before going in for the treatment. I had no idea the Pico Laser was not going to hurt until I had it done. What a bonus! 

If you want to see my experience with the Pico Laser and my unbelievable results, then here is the YouTube video below where you can watch my laser treatment along with the healing process and my before & after pictures. It truly has been the best treatment for removing my sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damaged areas. I will definitely be doing this treatment again. 

Pico Laser Treatment has been the best treatment I have ever done to remove my Sun Spots!

Now, to be honest, I need to also share the downside of this treatment. The good news is that I only have 2 things that are a negative in my opinion, but both wouldn’t stop me from having this treatment done again. 

Downside #1: The spots that are treated get very dark for about 14 days before they shed off and reveal the fresh skin underneath. Knowing that, you really want to time your treatment when you know you have some downtime, and won’t feel embarrassed if people see these super dark spots on your face. 

Downside #2: The cost for this treatment was very expensive. I paid $1,000 (USD) for these few spots to be treated. That is a lot of money. For that much money I should have been able to get my entire face and chest done. Ok, maybe that’s a bit much. My point is it’s expensive, but so worth it. 

If you have struggled to find something that will actually remove those sun spots, hyperpigmentation, or even freckles then I would highly recommend you give this treatment a try. 

I hope you find my experience helpful, and it helps you decide if this treatment is for you.

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Pico Laser Treatment

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Founder/Cosmetic Formulator

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