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5 Steps to Tracking Skin Cancer in your Skin Diary

5 Steps to Tracking Skin Cancer in Your Skin Diary

Tracking potential Skin Cancer moles on your body can be as easy as keeping a diary. Remember when you were little and you would write down your thoughts or things you did on summer vacations with your family?  Then months later you would read through your diary and remember those times like they were yesterday. Keeping track of your body's moles or sunspots can be just as easy. 

In this article I am going to teach you how to keep track of your ever-changing skin moles and sunspots, as well as give you our FREE “Skin Diary” downloadable form. This takes all the work out of wondering what notes to take. You simply download the form, take it with you to your annual Dermatologist appointment, and then file it away until the next time you need to review your notes or see your doctor. 

 Keeping a “Skin Diary” can be very easy.  You can do this yourself, or do this in the company of a Dermatologist. Here are the action steps you want to take to start your diary.


STEP 1: Download your “Skin Diary” form for FREE *here: 


STEP 2: Thoroughly look over your body, front and back, and mark down all of the moles or sunspots on your Skin Diary form.


STEP 3: Make any notes of moles that bleed, itch, or that you feel need immediate attention. 


STEP 4: You can take this step one level higher and measure your moles or sunspots. Then write them down on your form so the tracking can begin.  In a few months or even years later, you can re-measure those exact same moles and sunspots to track any growth that may be occurring over time.  


STEP 5: Make your yearly Dermatologist appointment and bring your filled-in “Skin Diary” forms, along with a new blank sheet, to your appointment.  At this time you and your doctor can fill it out together, and make any notes for your future visits. When you get home, file these forms away for future reference. 


And there you have it, you have started to build your “Skin Diary”. 


If you are like me, you might even take it to Staples and have it bound in book form to give it a true diary feel.  


I would love to hear from you in the comments below if you decide to try my “Skin Diary” form and let me know how it is working for you. 


Also, please give this article a SHARE if there is someone you know who would benefit from this free “Skin Diary” form. 


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