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How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin At Any Age

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin At Any Age


How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin At Any Age

Whether you grew up in a sunny part of the world, or you grew up only really seeing the sun on summer vacations, sun damage has probably hit your skin in one way or another. As the years pass, evidence of sun damage to your skin slowly begins to reveal itself. If you’re anything like me, you are constantly asking yourself “how can I repair this sun damage?” and trying new ways to remedy it. 

Today I am going to share with you my TOP 5 ways to repair and reverse sun damaged skin, and you can do any of these tips at any age. Let’s get started!

“5 Steps To Repair Sun Damaged Skin” 


In step 1, I am going to come right out of the gate and give you my favorite and best tip out of all 5 tips I am giving you today. Why, you ask? Because if you don’t ready any further I want to make sure you know that there is one thing I have tried, and have had the best results of any of the things I have tried so far.

Have you ever heard of “Pico Laser?” The Pico Laser, is a non-invasive laser that uses ultra-short wavelengths that are extremely precise, and do not use heat. This Laser is known in the aesthetics world for helping to remove sun spots, sun damage and even freckles. 

My favorite part about this laser is that it does not hurt! Now, if you follow me and my YouTube channel, you know that I have done a handful of laser treatments, and most of them are so painful that I have to prepare myself mentally before going in for the treatment. I had no idea the Pico Laser was not going to hurt until I had it done. What a bonus! 

If you want to see my experience with the Pico Laser and my unbelievable results, then here is the YouTube video below where you can watch my laser treatment along with the healing process and my before & after pictures. It truly has been the best treatment for removing my sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damaged areas. I will definitely be doing this treatment again. 


Currently, if you are not wearing a sunscreen daily, you are definitely skipping a major step in your morning routine. Not only does sunscreen help to reduce the damage of UV rays to your skin, but it also helps to drastically reduce your risk of skin cancer. I know this personally having had 4 spots of Basal Cell Carcinoma taken from my head, chest and both shoulders. And if you still don’t believe me, here is what the Skin Cancer Foundation says about sunscreen. 

*“Regular daily use of SPF 15 sunscreen can reduce your risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) by about 40 percent, and lower your melanoma risk by 50 percent.”

My daily sunscreen comes from my own skincare line, SunLux Skincare. I use the Lux Sunscreen SPF 25 + Daily Moisturuzer in one. Not only is my sunscreen one of my favorites, but I have designed my entire line around helping others repair their skin from sun damage. 

You can read more of my story HERE, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen, your skin will thank you for it!  

Lux Sunscreen SPF 25 + Daily Moisturizer



Another tip is to use products that have ingredients that are meant to help with sun spots, and sun damaged skin. You can do this by reading the ingredients list on products, or researching about them on the internet. But don’t worry, I have done the hard work for you.  

My favorite product is one that I personally formulated myself, for the purpose of repairing the UV damage done to my skin. It has won 2 “Beauty Shortlist Awards” and is a customer favorite. It’s my UV Repair Oil with non-photosensitive St. John’s Wort in it. It’s jam packed with skin loving ingredients that really help to repair and brighten the skin. 

Star Ingredients:

  • St. John's Wort (Internationally Sourced) *Non-photosensitive (Internationally Sourced) - our extract is rich in phytosterols and lecithin, squalene & tocopherols (alpha-tocopherol). Because of its specific extraction method our extract is free from hypericin, which is what causes photosensitivity to the skin. Instead of hypericin, our extract contains "hyperforin" which has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-oxidant properties but does not cause any photosensitisation. Making our product safe for both daytime and nighttime. 
  • Arctic Cranberry Seed CO2 Extract (Internationally Sourced) - provides a powerful dose of essential fatty acids the skin needs, along with nourishing and protecting the skin. 
  • Thistle Seed Oil (Internationally Sourced)- High Linoleic Acid (Internationally Sourced) - we source our Thistle aka Safflower Seed oil from international sources to make sure we are getting the highest quality of High Linoleic Omega 6 fatty acid as possible. Linoleic acid is a skin loving fatty acid that helps to moisturize the skin, along with helping to repair the skin barrier. Most importantly High Linoleic Thistle seed oil helps to trigger the production of GLA's (Gamma-linoleic Acid) in the body, which are vital to the skin's repairing process. 
  • Cloudberry Seed Oil - extraordinarily high in Vitamin C and helps to brighten the skin & protect from free-radical damage caused by UV rays. 
  • Blackberry Seed Oil - contains a natural source of Vitamin C & E, which help to repair sun damaged skin and improve skin elasticity. 
  • Kakadu Plum Extract - contains Vitamin C along with Gallic Acid and Ellagic Acid, which help to fight free radical damage caused by UV rays along with promoting collagen production. 


UV Repair Oil with St. John's Wort  



I know you have probably heard this a million times, but it really needs to be said. When it comes to an overall healthier body, water is a must. It will help with your skin, hair, nails and even your mood. 

I find that on the days that I stay hydrated, I feel like I have accomplished something really good for my body. Instead of making it a daily hassle, I make it a fun challenge. I do this by using a water bottle that has marks on it that show me how much water I should drink, and by what time of the day. It’s a fun way to track my daily water intake, and again feel accomplished at the end of my day when I have emptied the bottle.

Here is the bottle, you can click the picture to get it off Amazon.

Hydration Water Bottle Amazon



My last tip for repairing sun damaged skin at any age is to track your skin yearly. What does this mean? It means that you have a skin check-up annually by a Dermatologist and if you find any moles, or odd spots on your body, you write them down in a Skin Diary, and watch them year after year. This is such an important step in caring for your skin, so that you can catch any types of skin cancers at an early stage. 

I have created a FREE Skin Diary form that you can download from the Blog post below and start keeping track of your skin today. Just click on the Skin Diary picture below. 

My Skin Diary Downloadable Form


I hope you find all 5 of my tips helpful, and any one of them you can start today! 

If you would like to support me and my beauty brand SunLux Skincare, you can visit my SHOP and follow me on social media! 

How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin At Any Age

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“Healthy Skin is Happy Skin”. 

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Founder/Cosmetic Formulator

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